The new face of excellence crosses outskirts with speed, adaptability, and effortlessness


Something beyond a pretty face

Storearmy responsive custom storefronts make’s mobile experience simple and easy

Mix dynamic client sales experience with branded checkouts and hassle free payment gateways like Razorpay and Paytm. Interface in-store retail with branded mobile application to catch and draw in your client at each step of the purchase.


A universal look… for a worldwide market

Make different retail storefronts customized to your client's area, dialect, and social patterns

The worldwide beauty and healthcare products industry is set to hit $675 billion by 2020. With Storearmy content delivery network (CDN) give you speed and unwavering quality over the globe regardless of where your guests originate from. Track orders, stock, and client’s satisfaction automatically with Storearmy admin app. meet your customers wherever they live with the personalization they anticipate.


Design meets effort on a point that will never disappoint

Process multiple transactions every day, without stressing over ruined cart, buggy checkouts, or downtime

Storearmy has a portion of the world's quickest developing magnificence brands. Regardless of whether you're commencing a restrictive glimmer deal, epic item drop, or were simply included on a noteworthy media outlet, our versatile backend gives you a chance to confront everything with unmatched certainty.

  • Unlimited bandwidth & Storage
  • Detailed User Analytics
  • Recieve orders at anytime
  • 99.98% uptime
  • Native Mobile Applications

The Future is here.

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