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Fashion and Apparel

How customer and merchant get an advantage by opening an online e-commerce fashion store?

Fashion and Apparel

People are turning to the internet to accomplish all sorts of day-to-day tasks online, so why not for fashion clothes.

In fact, the trend of online custom clothing platform has picked up in past couple of years.

Ready-made clothes are easy to get, but ultimately customers prefer to wear products that perfectly fit them.

Nowadays people are getting more conscious about their dressing style, so buying them online will more convenient for the customers.

These websites basically operate online that allows customers to easily customize clothes Fabric, Pattern, Style, etc.

For men also custom clothing platforms have evolved tremendously in recent years, so if you are ready to take over the task, the success will be immense.

Fashion has the significant impact not only on the development of culture but also on the individual.

Shopping is an emotional experience,

Research has shown that India is expected to generate $100 billion online retail revenue by 2020 out of $35 billion will be through fashion e-commerce.

There are several merits of Fashion e-commerce:

For customers:

1.   Buy clothes online 24/7: One of the most important advantages of the online shopping for clothing is that customer can buy their clothes regardless of what time it is.

2.   Diversity: the Second benefit of the online shopping for clothing is the great opportunity to browse different brands and styles.

3.  Convenience: It gives customer freedom to shop not only in specified hours but customers can buy clothes online regardless of where they are. As we live in the era of smartphones and Google, we have internet connection all the time to access the facilities anytime and anywhere.

4.   Sales: Last, but not least, customers get great benefits from discounts and coupons, especially during holidays.

For Merchants:      

1.   Bigger Customer Pool:

The owner always wants to expand his business to new customers, an online store is that you can reach more customers than would ever be able to,

Moreover, online you have the option of catering to fans of your product or services that are miles away.

2.   Supply on demand:

Your online store is your outpost on the Internet, but it's a virtual one.

In a physical store, you don't have to undertake the risk of purchasing 200 of items to have in stock, instead, you can show one picture of an item and that software program which can alert you when you're running low.

3.   Spacing Out:

Nowadays it requires the big budget and cost to invest in anything such as rent, insurance, security, and décor.

Whereas online store may have their own costs such as your web hosting and domain fees, graphic design, but it's low compared to the physical store.

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